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Natyalaya School of Dance: The Tour App

Background + Ask

Natyalaya School of Dance is a Bharatanatyam Dance School based in the Greater Central Texas Area. As a part of its outreach initiative, the school sends a traveling performance troupe to perform around South India annually. Because these students are young, often have connectivity issues, and are traveling for several weeks, it is difficult to keep constant contact across the world. Despite these conditions, the experiences these dancers have is truly unique, and have the opportunity to inspire younger generations to take their craft seriously.

The school would like to develop a centralized platform where students, teachers, friends, and family can keep up with the travels and performances without having to rely on existing social media platforms.


The Audience

Performers: the dancers who are touring that will be using this application to document their experiences, promote fundraising, and track their own journey 


Parents and Teachers: Those close to the company members who will be using the platform to keep track of their students/children as they travel, watch performances virtually, and keep up with performer’s firsthand accounts of their experiences 


Friends and Family: Those who want to watch performances virtually and keep up with the performer’s first-hand account of their experiences. They can also use the platform to donate to the troupe and spread the word. 


What do they already know? 

Most users will already know about Natyalaya and Bharatanatyam, so the context around the school or art form itself is redundant. They will also likely know at least one company member who has directed them to the platform.


What do they want to know more about? 

Most users will be seeking more information about the company members, the performance sites, how to donate, first-hand information about the performer’s experiences, and where in the world the dancers are.


How will I give them what they want? 

Many family members of these dancers do not have Instagram accounts and Natyalaya’s social presence is also very young. I plan on creating a social media-like application that is intuitive and gives the audience easy access to tour-specific content that can be updated annually as each tour embarks on its journey.

india women.png

User Personas

Active Users: (left)

Dancers and Teachers who will consistently update the app

Passive Users: (right)

Friends and Families who primarily use the app as a ‘viewer’

Our focus is the Active User. 

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User Flow

Flow diagram of app

user flow.png

Lo-Fi Sketches

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lo-fi sketches.png

Wireframe V.1

Version 1 Wireframing using Figma

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wireframe v1.png

Improvements and Feedback

- Add dancer Bios to Home Page

- Include Past Tour videos on to Watch Page 

- Remove Background from Blog posts and make pictures bigger

- Add commenting option on Blog posts

- The top right corner of Profile 1 is bare: add a feature to access the other User Profiles

Feedback Overview: POSITIVE

- Track Map feature is fun and helpful

- Good use of a social media feel that is easy to use for a variety of generations

- Watch access is intuitive and helpful

Wireframe V.II

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Design Inspiration


Style Guide

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