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Anannya Akella is a designer, interactive artist, photographer, and dancer. Exposed to dance at the age of 5, creativity has been a leading force in her life for as long she can remember. Having grown up with a poet/author mom and a software engineer dad, she saw the importance of both STEM and Art early on and believes that there is always a place for both, no matter how conflicting they may seem. Now, equally determined to find harmony between the two, she is an Interactive Media Arts major at New York University where she hopes to concentrate on fashion and performance.

With a background in graphic design, Anannya has always been drawn to aesthetics and has a naturally detail-oriented focus. This mindset has led her to become an editor for the new in-house magazine, FFZine, at Future Fashion Group, an NYU group focused on sustainable innovation and design. She is also Captain of NYU Nasha, a competitive fusion dance team where she both choreographs and performs. She continues to teach several dance classes and take on freelance design projects.

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